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Group Dental Insurance

Group dental insurance provides dental coverage for employees and their families. By offering a group plan, you can lower the premiums for your employees and eliminate the waiting period for benefits to begin. Most dental plans provide full coverage for preventative exams and 80% for major services such as dentures, crowns, and more. Employers can provide dental insurance for their employees or offer it as a voluntary benefit that is paid by the employee through payroll deductions. To explore dental benefits for your employees, contact NIBC today!

woman smiling in a dentist chair
man getting an eye exam

Group Vision Insurance

Most employers offer vision insurance on a voluntary benefit basis, but because over half of the population requires corrective eyewear, it is an incredibly popular benefit for employees. Most vision plans are affordable and significantly reduce the cost of exams and corrective eyewear. Most vision plans require a small co-pay for an exam and another co-pay for glasses or contact lenses. NIBC can help you select the best group vision insurance for your employees at an affordable cost.

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